Working Web 2.0 as a Team?

I’ve been working on a program for the last 2 years alone. Now I have a new programmer to help me. I would like to work as a team on the same project file at the same time. Is there functionality in Xojo or another way that he and I can work on a master project at the same time and it save changes to the master project file? I’m kind of new to the team thing, lol. Any help would be great. Thanks

Set aside a day or two and sign up for a GitHub account. It’s dead simple but to really get the “motor memory” of how it might work I would create some dummy programs and test out your workflow.

Do you know much about how it brings the changes together? I mean if Im working on one project and the other developer is working on another, how does it know what to change on
the master project?

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This is one of those things that’s easier to fiddle around with than to read the manual. If there’s a conflict you can resolve them. Make a few conflicts in a dummy project. You’ll see. It’s easy to figure out once you have a project committed.

As @Joseph_Claeys sates, just sign up for a GitHub account and spend a couple days playing with it and you will pick it up no problem. You can even use GitHub Desktop and that makes it so easy to manage branches and commits

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Yes, use the desktop app. Xojo has a write up about it

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