Workflow suggestions

I have a listbox with each row being a persons name
and there are 6 actions that could occur

  • Reorder the list
  • add a new person
  • delete the selected person (and all related records)
  • edit the record (goes to a new screen with much more detail)
  • go to a reports menu for the selected “person” (also another screen, a selection of graphs and reports about “person”)
  • got to a list of related records (a menu like screen), this allows multiple related records in about a dozen categories to be entered as “child” records to the “person”

Right now I have a toolbar with “report”,“trash”,“edit”, “add”, “reorder”
the “list of related items” is accessed by tapping the rows accessory icon

reorder is a toggle

This doesn’t feel right (and most likely isn’t expected workflow)

I could add “swipe left” to show a “per row” [Delete/Edit] selection, perhaps a longpress to toggle reorder (hmmm)
I’ve also considered adding a “dummy” row that says “Add a new profile”, (there won’t usually be more than 4 or 5 entries on this screen)

the 1st three items remain on the same screen, the last 3 navigate to a new screen for each selection

I assume you mean Table rather than Listbox.

For Add and Delete I use Right Navigation Bar buttons, “+” and Trash. I suppose you could put a Reorder button there also.

If you use the Detail accessory type, it can take you to a View with a Tab Bar with selections for edit, reports, and related records.

yeah I did…
decided to use the “+” on the Navbar… and I did have a Tabbar, but decided against it…
I am going with a paradigm similar to Apple “contacts”… and so far it “feels” better