Workflow between xojo, app wrapper mini and application loader

Hello Guys,

I’m trying to get an app on the app store and I run into an issue. I made the app with xojo, compiled it and used app wrapper mini to do the code signing and the other small steps to get the app prepared for the app store. I created the app on the app developer web site and Itunes connect and have it ready to be submitted. I used application loader to deliver the app, however I cannot find the file to be sent to the App store. It look like that application loader wants a ziup file, but xojo complies an .app file. That is at least my understanding I’m very new at this.

I tried also the option of build apple installer, but I still dont see a zip file. Thanks for all your help !

Application Loader wants a .pkg file (the Apple Installer)

…and if you told AppWrapper to do so, it built the .pkg file for you, then puts it in a special “wrapped” folder.

Yes, how to you generate the .pkg file, I only have an .app file that application loader doesnt want. tks !

The location of this item depends on which version of App Wrapper you are using, but you want to tell it to generate a Mac Installer File. There should be a popup menu toward the bottom of the properties page with that as an option.

tks, im using app wrapper mini 1.2.2

I’ve never used Mini. I assume it can make the Installer for you, but I don’t know that for sure. If you can’t find it, ask Sam Rowlands.

Scroll down the APW Mini, until you find “Build Apple Installer”. Check the box. Save the script. Build again.