Workarounds for WebTextField KeyPressed and MouseDown in Web 2?

Has anyone come up with a workaround on a Web 2 app to achieve equivalents for TextField.KeyPressed and TextField.MouseDown from Web 1? This has become a major roadblock for me in converting several apps. A javascipt solution or licensable control?

I think @Tim_Parnell has a Web 2 class that does this, but i can’t seem to find it right now.

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Strawberry Software has an extension for this

Might be what you need?

@Tim_Parnell are you still supporting this extension?

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I solved it using the “char” property.
It may not be as immediate as KeyPressed would be, but it works very well for me.

Hi everyone, thanks for remembering my solution!

They fixed the GotFocus / LostFocus events and the other features were hacks on the framework I’d become less and less proud of. I am not currently selling new licenses for the addon, but anyone who had already purchased is always welcome to reach out to me for support should they need it :slight_smile:

I could be convinced to reconsider, but demand for the solution wasn’t as high as the forum threads might have made it seem.

As always, I thank everyone for their support. Happy coding!

– Tim


Sigh… Something exists to solve my problem, but is no longer sold. :frowning:

I would contact Mr. Parnell and see if you can convince him :grin:

Tim is good people.



We have been in contact privately. Please be sure, I would never want anyone to be stuck by a roadblock.


Many thanks to Tim for helping me out to solve this particular challenge. I try very hard to not be a complainer when something was removed in Web 2 that was a critical function for certain application features that has no replacement. I understand that Keypressed and Mousedown generate a lot of server traffic, but in an internal intranet that has little consequence for the few places I really need them. Hopefully an alternative way that isn’t so server intensive that does most of the work at the client will magically appear in TextField and TextArea as Web 2 matures. In my case I have been tasked to combine 3 separate existing Web applications into a single integrated app otherwise I would not have bothered refactoring the individual apps into Web 2.

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Glad you have the problem at hand resolved :+1:

I’ve dropped the latest web version until it’s solved, as all my projects require it.