Workaround for Xojo bug DesktopTextArea disappearing in Rectangle

Does anyone have any workarounds for the following bug that I can use while the bug is fixed?

DesktopTextArea inside DesktopRectangle disappearing when window is maximised/restored (#72310) · Issues · Xojo Inc / Xojo · GitLab

Why is the TextArea a child of the Rectangle? For what do you need the Rectangle?

It was my way of visually separating controls as Xojo does not have the the group control (that can be labelled) you typically see in desktop Windows. E.g.


By the way, there’s more than just the one TextArea in my project as a child of the rectangle. The example I gave was to just to illustrate the bug.

If only way is to remove the parent rectangle, I might have to resort to this but was hoping I didn’t have to.

I use rectangles in this manner, too. For now I would replace them with canvases or let the window/container do the drawing.

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Soo…I’m not sure how I missed that :man_facepalming:

Thanks, looks like no workaround needed!

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Too many Controls / Too mall in the Label list… Who knows why sometimes we skip things (and sometimes people)…