Word, Excel, pdf viewer on OSX

Hello guys,

Is there a way to have a native viewer for Word, Excell, pdf on OSX Xojo apps ? i just test preview and it seems that it can see all the documents but my requirements are to be able to see them only, and not to be able to print, edit or copy.

I`m looking for something native without any plugins, the project has limited budget and they already exceed the limit so i have to look for a framework way.

Thanks a lot.

Any ideas are welcomed.

MS used to update their viewer apps all the time but stopped in about 2006 or 2007

However iWork, Apples productivity tools, can open many Word & Excel documents so you could try those
They are free on Mavericks & Yosemite
Preview will open a LOT of documents (beyond PDF’s) so you should use that for PDF’s

But nothing that I know of to have them show up in your application (well you can get pdf’s to show but not necessarily word & excel documents)

you can use QuickLook APIs from Mac OS X.
We have in our plugins classes and functions for that.

some links:


the panel:

the view:

The panel is like what the Finder uses if you press space key.

Hello Christian ,

Well, it might do, but as i know, you have to buy the whole library in order to use some functions in your case, or maybe not, and as i said the budget is already limited. Is there a way to use that plugin only ? and how much will cost that ?


Thanks Norman,

I`m looking also to macoslib, i see they have the pdf, part and with the classes that they have there maybe i can get something functional in the meantime until i find another solution. Once i get an answer from Christian also i will decide what can be done, in the meantime i will see maybe i can temporary save the documents as pdf and in this way i can see all of them in pdf only, The idea of Christian is nice but if i have to pay 1000$ for that functionality i prefer to tell to the customer that it cannot be done and thats it, or if he agree to pay, why not, he will pay and he will get the functionality .

What currency would that be in?

I looked at the site and the Complete package is only 299 USD and the Cocoa only portion is 69 USD.

It was just an example, nothing exactly, dont take it wrong, to be honest, the full project was for 200 $ , imagine that i have to pay 300 $ in my case Euro, then i have to make the project for free and to pay from my pocket another 120$ to have the functionality of the package that i need and all that because i hate Objective C where you have to write a ton of code just to have something functional, i didnt try the latest swift yet , dont get me wrong, i appreciate what Christian is doing, im in the same sector and i know how it works, the problems come with the customers and i noticed that its like a typo , we want that, its simple, and once you decide, oh we want that also, limited budget, bad reviews if you don`t finish the project and so on, and for what , for some money that honestly we depend on.

The MBS plugins is a purchase just like Xojo. It isn’t an expense for one project it is overhead that is spread across all your projects. And if you are going to be developing software professionally it is a good expense to make as it will save you that cost many times over in hours saved.

Also I think you have undersold yourself. I would never bid a job for less than an hour’s labor.

try out what you can convert

open Terminal

  • type: cupsfilter
  • hit Space
  • drag a file to the terminal
  • type: >
  • hit Space
  • type: ~/Desktop/test.pdf

for example

cupsfilter /Volume/VolumeName/FolderName/filename.doc > ~/Desktop/test.pdf; open ~/Desktop/test.pdf

so you can test for which file types it works

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Thanks Alex for the idea, i will have a look.

Well Bob if i was doing only this than i will think about it , but when you have the competition, i will not give nationalities i dont want to be considered at racist, but when they bid for 60% less than any normal programmer and they get the project, they doit and after a while the customer realise that he paid less money for something that he wasnt expecting and that he has to pay double or more to be able to have a working project, honestly i just quit to do this as a professional income career and to do something that i can get some honest money without having to fight with the IT mafia. So from time to time i get some projects like this just to remember of the good times.

if you like shell, you can also look on the qlmanage command. It has lots of options.

Our plugin collection for $299 USD is a huge toolbox. Over 50000 features and certainly worth every penny.

Thanks Christian, i will think about this on the next project, and definitely if it will worth taking it i will include that collection in my budget also. in the meantime im blocked with this one and as im the type that once i get something i make sure that i will deliver i will try to find a workaround and be more careful next time. Thanks again and keep in touch .

use the shell and the qlmanage command. It will do it, I think.

Hi Christian, i did manage to get i working for pdf, png, jpg and tiff but unfortunately they dont work for word and excel so i will try to see what other options i have for those 2 types. It seems that even if i have office installed they still dont work.

select a doc or xls file in Finder and hit Space, what do you see?

Hello Axel,

i see the preview window but instead of seeing the document i see an empty icon with XLSX written on it, same on word documents.
I assumed that i must have office installed , so i do have it but it seems that it is not working.

if i check on terminal with qlmanage -m i see the word and the excell.
com.microsoft.word.doc -> /System/Library/QuickLook/Office.qlgenerator (32 - loaded)
com.microsoft.word.dot -> /System/Library/QuickLook/Office.qlgenerator (32 - loaded)
com.microsoft.excel.xlt -> /System/Library/QuickLook/Office.qlgenerator (32 - loaded)
com.microsoft.word.stationery -> /System/Library/QuickLook/Office.qlgenerator (32 - loaded)
com.microsoft.excel.xls -> /System/Library/QuickLook/Office.qlgenerator (32 - loaded)

Well, i did made save as and i save the documents as .xls and .doc and it seems that they are working when i press space, but not for .xlsx

on the other hand when i do qlmanage -p file i get a nasty error for .doc , .docx, .xls and .xlsx that says something like that

mbprd-2:Test aurelian$ qlmanage -p /Users/aurelian/Documents/projects/XOJO/Demo/Medical\ test/Files/Test/GLC_Services.doc
Testing Quick Look preview with files:
/Users/aurelian/Documents/projects/XOJO/Demo/Medical test/Files/Test/GLC_Services.doc
2014-11-18 01:14:54.307 qlmanage[1957:93627] *** CFMessagePort: bootstrap_register(): failed 1100 (0x44c) ‘Permission denied’, port = 0x9607, name = ‘com.apple.CFPasteboardClient’
See /usr/include/servers/bootstrap_defs.h for the error codes.
2014-11-18 01:14:54.308 qlmanage[1957:93627] Failed to allocate communication port for com.apple.CFPasteboardClient; this is likely due to sandbox restrictions
Nov 18 01:15:09 mbprd-2.local qlmanage[1957] : void CGSUpdateManager::log() const: conn 0x1c323 token 0x1ffffffffffe85
Nov 18 01:15:09 mbprd-2.local qlmanage[1957] : Backtrace (at 7704.23):

and still a lot coming, i see the qlmanage icon in the doc but thats it , nothing is showing .

it might be a bug in qlmanage or i`m doing something wrong ?

Thanks again.