WKWebView(MBS): Allow Tab Webcontrol Navigation?

I maintain a desktop project that is basically a front-end to a web server, which means most of main window is a WKWebView on macOS and a WebView2Control on Windows, both MBS.
The starting page contains a username and a password field, placed on top of the page.
Users complain they cannot use the Tab key to move from first to next. I checked in the events WebView does have the focus and does not try to lose it when user enters tab (which is not intercepted by KeyDown). But there is no tab movement between both fields.
Is it possible to enable this? And if so: How?
Thanks a lot!

So tab within the website doesn’t work?

Yes, exactly. Server programmer swears it should.

Have you tried changing the value of the AcceptTabs property?

The question is usually, whether tabs are handled on window level or within the webviewer.

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Currently you have a tendency to find stupid mistakes of mine :wink:
As I said it’s an xplatform project, so I use a ContainerControl to place either a WKWebView or a WebView2 on screen depending on the platform. I set AcceptTabs to true , but that was only valid for the container. I did not forward the property to WebView …