Wireless mouse recommendations

I’m a Mac person but I suddenly needed a laptop and wanted a 15" screen… so I had to go buy one last weekend and I just could not justify paying the price for a Mac pro for something I will only use occasionally… I did not have much time to research so just went to Best Buy and bought this machine:


It too was more than I wanted to spend, but I did not like the specs on cheaper 15" display models that I could buy off the shelf at the last minute…

Anyway I hate using a trackpad… on the trip I used my Mac Magic Mouse but it did not seem to be fully supported so I probably would better off with a Windows wireless mouse, but I don’t know much of what is available in the Windows world…

So any recommendations?


  • karen

I particularly like Logitech mouse (mice?). But I have also tried some Microsoft BT ones and they are pretty responsive and fit well. The times I have gone shopping for them I go to like Fry’s Electonics and just try everything. Once I find the one I like how it feels, then I research it on Amazon (or your favorite online review place) to see how it rates. From there I either buy from Fry’s, Amazon, or if the ratings are bad then I look for a very similar one with really good ratings. I used to go for the best ratings and top whiz-bangs, but quickly learned that to me fit and feel was first second and third.

+1 Microsoft Mice; of all the brands I’ve owned over the years MS mice are the most reliable.

Right now, I’m still using a 13 year MS mouse (corded) that just keeps on going. Apple wireless mice are nicely built, but I find the batteries suck and now with the useless charging port. I loved the wireless Apple trackpads, but the buttons would wear out and I’d end up buying a new one every 18~24 months. Here in Taiwan the new buttonless Magic Trackpad costs more than 2 of the older trackpads and I really don’t feel like Cook needs more than 100,000,000 in bonuses anymore.

I happen to be using an Apple corded mouse with my desktop PC. Great mouse :wink:

I’ve always found the Logitech product to be a great investment.

Logitech MX Anywhere 2. Been my go-to device for years now. Can’t live without the scroll-wheel.
The latest generation is no longer using batteries which I find annoying but eco-friendly. Battery-life is excellent (2-3 months) but I find myself ignoring the battery warnings until the mouse is dead.
Tried various bluetooth mice with my MB Pro (due to the lack of USB-ports for the Logitech-receiver) but find the battery-life to be horrible in most cases.

I’ve been using this mouse since I started getting a weird ache in my wrist. I’ve not looked back at “regular” mice since.
It takes a day or two to get used to, but your wrist will thank you in the long run.


Both Microsoft and Logitech mice are usually very good. I currently use the Logitech T630 with my work laptop. It is bluetooth and rechargeable on a USB port. Lasts about 5 full work days. Goes from dead to fully charged in about 90 minutes. I took a habit to plug it in a usb port on lunch breaks. I love its portability. Some people find it too small, but I work well with it. Works with a Mac, too. You can pair it to two different computers (it has 2 different bluetooth “channels”, switchable underneath the mouse). Just great for work with a laptop.

On my desktop, I use a wireless keyboard and mouse combo. Pretty old, works just fine (Logitech MX 750 or something like it. Not at home right now.) I built several other computers and tried different keyboard + mouse combos, from Logitech and Microsoft. Even cheap ones work quite well today.

Logitech T400 is the only mouse I’ll use. Unfortunately they’re getting harder to find.


I am using a Razor mouse. They are expensive but worth the money. I use them on Windows, Linux and Mac. The Razor brand is designed and targets the gaming community. Great quality. Have never looked back.

cons is they are costly.

Thanks for all the suggestions, I will look into them!

  • Karen

I have a logitech mx that’s been really good.

On another note, when my 2011 MBP died last year due to the video chip issue that seemed to plague so many machines, I went to a local experimac and picked up a 2012 with no hard drive and no ram for $600 + tax. I move my existing RAM and SSD over and it’s been a lovely little upgrade for the money.

After a few weeks I disassembled the screens and swapped them as I liked the anti-glare screen on my old laptop better. It was a bit of a chore, but it works much better in my office since I have a big window behind me.

Something to think about while you’re still in the return period.

MS Sculpt Mouse - small, but high resolution (and a Windows key built in!). We have 12 of them here. Also, very light on battery use.