Wireless barcode scanner

Can anyone recommend a wireless (Bluetooth) barcode scanner? Amazon is flooded with off-brand and fake-brand ones. I’d rather stick to something like Zebra if anyone has happened to use one. Thanks.

i used this

[quote]Eyoyo 1D Barcode Scanner Bluetooth Barcodeleser Wireless USB-Kabel 3 in 1Mini Handscanner Lesegert schnelles Scannen fr iPad,iPhone,Android,Tablets,PC [/quote] 46,80
amazon de
its not perfect but it have many features and its very small and easy to charge.

I also have one like Markus, nice little reader, although I found some barcodes it can’t read.
but for the price there is nothing to complain.
real brands will cost 5x more.

Thanks but I’m looking for a big-brand barcode scanner for a client for stock checks, so it has to be super reliable. In the past I’ve used the common wired LS2208 scanners but I’m hoping to use a Bluetooth scanner for this project.

Zebra Li4278 (Motorola) . I have used all kind of scanners but Zebra or Symbol (also Zebra) are very reliable . I use them on the flower auction in a harsh inviroment without any problems.

Bluetooth make generally trouble.

a handy extern barcode/2d extension modul is also a good option.
seems the trend goes just to a smartphone.
professional smartphone with barcode reader hardware for logistics also exists with handle & rubber cover.
urovo V5100 ruggedized mobile computer

i like also this small scanners at forefinger.

I am using a Tera barcode reader, but not sure if that solution was the right one. It is used as a HID device - both wireless as well as wired. A bluetooth device is probably the same. The serial protocols given as demo are of no use. The problem with HID is the poor controllability - it is effectively a parallel keyboard and you get conflicts between real keyboard/touch screen and scanner data. I use it together with a touch screen Raspberry Pi and it works, but I would rather use a device using well documented serial protocol and these are difficult to get and expensive- I can not afford to buy some devices and use trial and error to find the best one. I use QR codes with the QR codes which are self-generated and I am going to change the QR code to make everything more fault tolerant. At the moment it is not ready for use in a factory as intended.

Also be aware that there are at least two standards for barcode protocols. One is the official one, defined by teh USB group, AFAIK, and there there’s the IBM / Toshiba ones with a proprietary protocol. Not sure about wireless, but for wired ones I was able to support both in my Xojo app, see https://blog.tempel.org/2016/03/using-usb-barcode-scanners-on-macs-with.html

That is, if you want to receive the codes directly in your app and not having them “pseudo typed” into a textfield.

Does it have to be Bluetooth? We have a zebra wireless scanner that works wonderfully. USB base into the machine and the scanner talks directly to it. It’s a Zebra so it definitely checks the big company requirement.

We use Code CR3622-DPMCXA. Actually, we have a few of them that we use with an inventory/shipping application I created in Xojo. They’re a bit pricey but very reliable.

Thanks for all the answers. I’ve taken onboard what @MarkusR and @Jonathan_Eisen said above, and we’ll go with wired after all. Simplicity and reliability are more important than convenience in this particular project.


Your iphone scan any barcode in xojo iOS using the iOSKit plugin may be worth to create an app?

If, at some point, the need arises for a wireless scanner, we’ve had great luck with this Zebra DS2278. No Bluetooth configuration since the cradle connects to the computer via USB and the scanner talks to the cradle. It’s also endlessly configurable either via USB using their application or using configuration barcodes.

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