I’m using the new class from MBS in a project and discovered a bug took a few hours to figure out.

When setting to image path of the notification things go wonky if you specify a network location. I got around that limitation with the following code.

Dim p As FolderItem p = SpecialFolder.ApplicationData.child("QBMS") If Not p.Exists Then p.CreateAsFolder p = p.Child("QBMS LOGO.jpg") if not p.Exists then app.ExecutableFile.Parent.Parent.Child("Pictures").Child("QB Metal Shop LOGO V2.1.jpg").CopyFileTo p End If if p.Exists then n.Image = p.NativePath Else n.Image = "" End If

Thanks for the new class @Christian Schmitz I love it!

Well, looks like Windows doesn’t like to have picture file on network drive.
But on local disk it works.

The path is used by the plugin in the XML representation of the notifications.
My tries to include images in the XML did fail. Sorry.

I understand it’s a windows ‘bug’ not an MBS bug. I should have made that clear.

I just posted this in case someone else runs into the same problem. Fortunately a workaround was not hard once I realized the source of the issue.

Thanks. And I just added comments for other to know details. :slight_smile:
Have a great coding time!