Hello everybody,

I have tried running the example code for the WinUSBMBS plugin found in the plugin folder from Monkeybread software.
I have set all of the correct data for the device in the constants.

I run it and it does list the path to the device, then returns an error code of 87. From there I enter ffff in the text box at the top and hit enter,
right away I get a nill object exception and it states “WinUBSMBS object not initialized.”

Has anybody had any luck with this?

I also don’t know what error code 87 is, I have looked for a listing of usb error codes on the internet but I’m
not having much luck finding anything. Any body know where to get a listing of usb error codes from?

Also what needs to be done to initialize the WinUSBMBS object? I would think that it would be initialized once you use “w = new WinUSBMBS(path)”
Maybe the error code has something to do with it, telling me it’s not initialized but without the error code listings, I’ll be hard pressed to figure it out.

Anybody been down this road yet?