WindowsPlayerMBS.Volume range?


I’m playing with the WindowsPlayerMBS class, as I need to play a sound using a chosen output device.
My first question: is there something simpler to play an existing Xojo sound object to a given, specified, device?

So, for now, I’m noticing the WindowsPlayerMBS.Volume property is slightly documented; it lacks the range information. Is it from 0 to 1, from 0 to 100 or from 0 to 255, from -1 to 0 (etc.)?
I could try with trials and errors, but I’m building this on a Mac for a Windows computer, so I can’t test right now; also, I think it’d be beneficial for others to have the value written in the documentation.
Christian (or others), an idea please?

Should be about 0 to 1.

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Thank you.