WindowsFolderChangeMBS or similar: Getting the path of a file created in a watched folder?

I am trying to create the Windows version of a project that runs nicely on macOS, in this case the class that watches a folder for changes to its content and properties.
The Mac version was easy to create using @Christian Schmitz’ FSEVentsMBS class, but I encounter some problems when I try the same for Windows with WindowsFolderChangeMBS class. Apparently there is only a Changed event without further variables, which means I’d have to cache the folder content and compare its content – or examine creation or modification dates of all contained files to find the file of interest.

Which sounds rather complicated to me, seeing that I could have the file path delivered with
Which I’d rather use instead of the manual solution of course.

Does a Xojo implementation of this class exist?
Or Christian: Would it be possible to extend your class to deliver additional properties like in the linked example?


That was quite close in the documentation. Do I need better glasses?

Christian has so much in his plugins its sometimes hard to find the thing you need. :slight_smile:

q.e.d. :wink:

I’ll put a reference from the older class to the newer class.