Windows7: menubar colouring

I’m running Xojo under Windows 7 in a VirtualBox VM. I observe that the IDE’s menu bar is shaded/coloured and has a border, but the menubar created when I run my app is plain and has no border. It would be useful for the menubar to have those attributes to make it stand out a bit better. Is there a way to effect this? There didn’t appear to be any useful settable properties.

Further to this, I observe this: I have an extra menu on the menubar and if I make it visible, then the menubar decoration has shading/colouring and a border. If I make it invisible again, then these decorations disappear.

I think this is a side effect of a “feature” they added that someone had complained about and they removed in a future version. Windows doesn’t technically support MenuItem.Visible and someone discovered that by using the property on Windows the entire menu style reverted to an older one.

They then complained that the menu style was changing.
Someone from Xojo told us this was the result of them attempting to work around the framework.
Person whined.
Xojo removed the workaround per a feedback note.

I don’t have specifics off the top of my head, but you likely won’t be able to get that effect in the future. If you like it, you’ll need to build with your current Xojo version.

Humm. This is an entire menu (a debug menu, in fact), that I’m making visible/invisible (well, the user will be, actually). And its the whole menubar that has the style change, which I really don’t want. I’m doing this using Xojo 2017r2.1 (rather than r3). That’s because that’s the version I’m using on the Mac, and r3 has a load of display artefacts under r3, so I’ve stuck with 2.1 for the time being.

Does what you’re describing apply to the menubar itself?