Windows XP TCPSocket Hard Crash

Hey guys,

Is anyone experiencing a hard crash claiming “ntdll.dll” as the culprit when working with TCPSockets on Windows XP XP3?

Background info:

Application does not crash if the TCPSocket is never connected.
Creating new TCPSocket instances instead of using a single instance does not help.
TCPSocket properly connects to, sends to, and receives data from the server. DataAvailable fires properly.
Stepping through with the debugger (2014r2.1) produces different results. I can’t pinpoint a specific line.
Leaving the socket connected on both sides does not alleviate the issue.
Deleting the class and making a new one from scratch did not help the issue.

Application runs flawlessly on Windows 7/8 with TCPSocket operating
The same application runs flawlessly with TCPSocket operating on Windows XP when built/remote debugged with 2013r2 instead of 2014r2.1

Same results on two XP machines. I didn’t see any other posts or reports of similar, but it’d be odd to be the only one this is happening to. Then the question becomes “Why?”. Thanks.

Please file a bug report with a sample project.