Windows XP displays a Window instead mine !

When I press ctrl-L (Windows XP), I can get:

Press Esc, one more ctrl-L and I get MY window (to set the url). Usually, that window get the infamed (watch out another conversation I started yesterday or so) JavaScript="" text instead of an URL.

I will now fire my WIndows 8.1 laptop and make some tests there. I hope they will go nicely…

Emile, we talked about Ctrl-L a couple weeks ago already. What’s new ?

I use WebKit and get the same (more or less): sometimes I fall into google and I do not know how.

Argh !

Windows 8.1: Down arrow (alone) calls Google instead of moving the web page to its bottom.

Aren’t you curious to know why I get all these “troubles” ?

I just started to try ctrl- keyboard shortcuts. ctrl-O (actually disabled) displays the same kind of window (watch far above).
ctrl-F displays a Search window
ctrl-= grow the window contents
ctrl-a set the window contents back to its usual size

My conclusion is that Windows 8.1 handle some keyboard shortcuts (read above).

Note: I do not checked crtl-shift-.

You can try with your Windows 8.1 (French) with the xojo example you sent me yesterday.

This is actually Ctrl-+. The French key bears + and =. It is documented.

[quote=139810:@Emile Schwarz]ctrl-a set the window contents back to its usual size

That is more unusual. Normally, back to normal size is Ctrl-zero.

You may like this page : Internet Explorer Keyboard Shortcuts

ctrl-a was in fact ctrl-. I loose the diacritic somewhere.

ctrl-+ or ctrl-= ? You certainly are right. I am not really used to that Windows keyboard layout.

All of these are to say: I do not programmed these keyboards shortcuts, but they are there and alive (working in my application). So, sometimes I got that unwanted window and the next try that is MY window that appears.

What is the difference ? An url typed (pasted) in my window is saved somewhere while if I paste an url in a Windows window, it is not. Bad for my work flow ! (And this is not because of a gremlin I could have feed at night or because of my code).

Same thing as Ctrl-= then. Notice à is underneath zero. So it is conformant to the shortcuts.

Incidentally most of these shortcuts work in Safari and Chrome on Mac with Command. Strangely enough, it takes shift for Command zero, but it works just the same for +.

cmd-0 (I recall cmd-, funny) do the same in Preview (and I use it a lot as cmd-9).