Windows tools on Mac

Just wanted to mention something I discovered this week.
Cyberduck has become unreliable of late and regularly just disconnected.
And I couldn’t find any simple bitmap editor for the Mac.

I invested in Crossover
Now I am running WinSCP , Ksign, Inno Setup and PaintShop Pro 4 seamlessly on my Mac in a single ‘bottle’
WinSCP is stable as a rock and much faster than Cyberduck was.
I’m amazed.
It’s also better and vastly faster than booting up a VM!

So, just in case this helps anyone else out… Im a happy bunny.

Why anybody on a Mac would use any FTP client besides Transmit is beyond me.


I have been using CrossOver for years. Best yet, it works flawlessly on M1.

I love YummyFTP, but just learned that the developer passed away in 2018 so there probably will be no 64-bit version :frowning:

I still have YummyFTP on my Mojave VM. I used it back to its days as Vicomsoft FTP Client, back to OS 8 I think.

I have found a worthy replacement with ForkLift.

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Two YummyFTP features I use a lot:

  1. Ability to drag files from FTP list windows into Xojo listboxes.
  2. Creation of Finder droplets/aliases which automatically upload dropped files to a specific destination, with optional automatic zipping.

Can Transmit or Forklift do these?