Windows taskbar disappears once mainform is activated (desktop app Windows 10)

I’ve created a SQLite Database App (desktop) on Windows platform.
I’m having an issue with the windows 10 taskbar disappearing when my app maniform is shown. When I close the app the taskbar returns. When debugging the app using the Xojo IDE the same thing occurs however, I have to open desktop settings to make the taskbar return.

Running Xojo on X64 machine compiling to X32. (Linking X64 causes an IO exception for some reason)
Windows 10 laptop.
Mainform has no menu button Except for a Quit button which activated the Close event.
App has icon over the default icon if that’s the issue?

Anyone ran into this issue, feature?



Did you upgrade the project from RealStudio?

Check that the window’s MenuBarVisible setting is true. You’ll find it if you select the cog in the inspector properties, it’s not on the first page of properties. If it’s set correctly there, check your code for MenuBarVisible = false.

Sounds like you have turned off MenuBarVisible in the App section. That affects the entire UI, not just the menu in the window. If you want no menu, just set the window’s Menu to “None”.

Thanks Tim’s…
My Project is virgin Xojo, taken from the SQLite Example code. I’ve never used or have any RealStudio projects although there a some good RealStudio stuff out there.
I’ll check MenuBarVisible properties and ensure it’s set to None. Most likely cause.

Thanks for the quick reply guys.

All good,
Tim Parnell solution fix my issue.