Windows Segmented Control Disabled

Is it really true that a disabled segmented control on Windows does not show the selected segment?

We’re now testing the Windows version of an app, and the segmented controls are just grey when disabled.

I made a new app in Windows (one window, on segmented control), and i see the same thing.

Is this the way things really work?


Disabled controls in Windows are always dimmed or greyed out. Not just the segmented control.

One alternative would be to not disable controls, but manage a function code. With such a flag at window level or any applicable level (1 for create, 2 for change and 3 for display, for example), you could check for the function code in the action event of the control and prevent the action from being executed when the function being executed does not allow such action. This is true of any and all controls. It works quite well once implemented. I use this approach a lot to manage which controls are visible, enabled but read-only, etc.


Thanks for the info.

I’ll have to create a work around of some sort. I want users to be able to see the state of things but not change anything unless they explicitly indicate they want to. (Cats walking on keyboards.)