Windows resizing problem

I have a number of stat apps that I am trying to get up on the Microsoft store. They are already in the Apple store. A recent app failed due to a screen and controls sizing problem. MS techs were able to create the problem by changing the display settings (text, apps and other items) to 150%. When they re-ran my app at this setting some UI elements get cut off and overlapped.

I suspect the tester was using an older monitor that does not accept hi dpi.

How can this be resolved? My searches in the forum have turned up nothing. Probably using the wrong search terms.

Would code that prevents a window from getting sized larger than the screen solve this issue?

What version of Xojo are you using to build your windows apps?

Version 2017 Release 2.1

You do realize that you can instruct each window not to exceed a given size, nor to be allowed to be smaller than a given size. This allows you to limit the range of resizing, or to disable it completely.

That’s my current fix but I haven’t been able to test it since I don’t have any late-model monitors. I can’t be the first and only person to have run into this problem, so I thought there might be a more sophisticated solution than just making sure the window’s width and height do not exceed the screen’s width and height.

One solution is to use RubberViews. I spent quite a bit of time making sure it works with all scales and resolutions.


There is no such thing as a monitor that “supports” hidpi. You can change any monitors scaling (within reason).

This shouldn’t happen.

What OS version?
What controls “got cut off and overlapped”?

Do you have any screenshots that you can share?

All they told me was that it failed on Windows 10, and they did not have any screenshots that they could send me. They said the second heading got cut off, which probably means the second label control. They didn’t give me much to go on. Maybe this is a problem common to Windows developers so they are familiar with a solution. I did not tell them I’m an Apple developer and that I need more info on problems that usually don’t impact Apple developers.

Ive just tested that control (label) going between a 100 and 150 scale monitor and it sizes perfectly as expected with no change in length or cutting any text off.

Is the label a different font or embedded in another container/control or anything?

The more info you can provide the more chance I have of finding the problem.

Without a screenshot I’m only guessing at which control they are complaining about. But it appears to be a label control that is inside a page panel. Apparently the label control just above the page panel was not impacted. The label was specified as 18 point, Arial font. As soon as I hear back from my MS tech representative I will resubmit the app with code to make sure the window is not larger than the screen, and the label control specified in pixels.

Oh, have you tested your app in a Windows 10 VM or is it just a cross compile from mac?

Ahh, Arial at 18 is a lot wider than the default font, that’ll be the problem as your label sizes are probably based on the IDE font so you’ll naturally shorten the label to fit that, which will crop when it runs unless you resize the label controls by the size of the new font.


Runtime changed font size and font type

All I have for Windows is Bootcamp, Windows 10 Pro. The app works just fine on a 27-inch monitor and a 23-inch monitor and a 13-inch monitor. That’s why I just guessed that they were using a late model monitor. When I requested additional info they provided nothing, other than a repeat of the problem and a note stating that they do not have any screenshot.

Just got your font message. If I drop the font size to 16 would that be enough to solve the problem without having to resize the control?

The more I think about this font size the better it sounds. This has to be the problem. So I’m increasing the control height and reducing the font size.

If you do get a chance, give a try. You may like the results.