Windows printing problem -

Hello everyone. Want to say thanks to everyone that posts help here as I have availed myself of your collective wisdom many, many times since my journey with Xojo began.

I have written a small application that interfaces with an accounting system’s ODBC interface and does some custom printing. So far this has gone without a hitch. However, label printing was requested and I cringed because I find Xojo printing fantastically (and bizarrely) complex. I was incredibly thrilled that I was able to implement code (using Xojo and MBS’ Windows plugin) that worked and seemed to work well.

And then I delivered it. Lo and behold, code that runs and compiles and works PERFECTLY on my Windows 7 64-bit development machine DOES NOT WORK AT ALL on the Windows 10 Pro target machines. It appears to be unceremoniously crashing on OpenPrinter. The error is the infamous (in these forums):

Common/Runprint.cpp: 180
Failure Condition: returnGfx

I can post code, however, the fact that the program works perfectly under Windows 7 64 and fails completely under Windows 10 64 Pro makes me wonder.

Any ideas, anyone? Thank you for the help!


The short-term answer, which took some digging to find, was to recompile using 2016r4… Didn’t have to change a byte of code. Now, the bad news, is that the new project (a 2019-created project) loaded in 2016r4, says that it wasn’t able to load everything and if I save it… something will be lost. Of course it gives no guidance as to what will be missing, whether the copy in memory will also be missing this information, etc. I do have backups, but of course, I did have to change some business logic. So I am nervous. Aside from opening a new blank project and copying everything, does anyone have any advice? Is there any way to compare the code of the two apps? Thanks in advance.

have u used a virtual maschine or does this issue have all real windows 10 with latest updates?
are there a difference with amd/nvidia/intel graphics hardware?
have u tested with api2 and minimal example app?
u tested with Xojo 2019r3.1?
u copied the used libs also with the exe to the target maschine?
u have installed the runtime from here ? [quote]\Xojo 2019r31\Extras\Windows Runtime\Installers\vc_redist.x64.exe[/quote]

This is a generic message. It just means that the project was saved in a later release than you are using and therefore might be using new features introduced in some later release. If the project compiles and runs, then you’re safe.

Tim, thanks for the reply, it compiles and runs. Markus: What an amazing list! I have limited access to the client machines now and it is working but that is a super interesting list of possibilities. I never recall having to install the runtime anywhere – is it possible or likely that that was the problem? Thanks fellows.

i frequently use a method of elimination if a problem occur.

the xojo team would know better what is behind this message.

[quote]Common/Runprint.cpp: 180
Failure Condition: returnGfx[/quote]

it seems the Windows Universal Runtime is only required at Windows 7 or 8.1 UserGuide:Windows_Universal_Runtime
at least i have the experience that a different runtime version as example without service pack can break a app after hours.
without vc_redist i would expect the app can not start.