With Xojo 2016r1.1 when compiling my OpenGL application with 64 bits I got a weird behaviour that I assumed to drivers probably.
If I compiled with my laptop 64 bits the application flickered terribly (just the OpenGLSurface control). But if I compiled 64 bits from my desktop (old one) that is 32 bits, I got an 64exe that didn’t flicker on my laptop. That was strange but I could manage.

Now, with Xojo 2016r2 I’ve tried to compile from my desktop 32 bits, my laptop 64 bits and even from my MacBook Air, but I always get an 64exe that flickers terribly in my laptop.
In fact it is kind of regression.

Could someone give me an idea about the origin of the problem. I’m very worried because if this happens to me it will happen as well to other users.

Compiling 32 bits never flickers.

Confirmed. It was about driver. I changed it and everything is ok.

That is good news…