Windows on Windows

Having a hard time to understand the priority of Windows on Windows.
I have a main window that is a document.
From it, I open a movable modal with NameWindow.Show
If I open a Floating window on top of that from a button located in the modal it doesn’t work.
A good reminder of how complicated Windows is?
Can someone have a link to understand how to manage different layers of Windows?

Maybe a google search using:

“Human Interface Guidelines” for Windows

Hello Patrice,

I was able to get the example working by opening a modal window with NameWindow.ShowModal. When a modal window is opened with Show, then there is an error. If you would like a regular window to open, then just use Show.

Here is what I did:

  1. Window1, and I opened a modal window with WinMovableModal.ShowModal
  2. In WinMovableModal I opened a WinFloating window with WinFloating.Show

Does this help?