Windows not showing - intermittent

I have a problem with Xojo windows not showing in debug mode, seemingly intermittently.

When they don’t show:

  1. they don’t show when called by the app as in win.Show,
  2. they don’t show when hitting Resume from the IDE, and
  3. they don’t show when using cmd+Tab in Finder.

The only thing that seems to get them to show is to open another window on the same app that accesses the Apple’s addressbook using MBS’ abAddressBookMBS. Then all the other windows (that should have been showing) suddenly appear.

But then at other times the app will run without problem - same app, no changes, just close and run again.

I raise the addressbook clue because this problem seems to have started when I first started to use sandboxing for the runTime app; the app accesses Apple’s Contacts. The problem was intermittent initially - but now seems quite prevalent and completely frustrating (I hear Swifts calling me).

Is there something common between the sandboxing generated for the runTime (created in AppWrapper) and the sandboxing (should be none) used in the debug? I note that the debug also asks for permission to access Contacts every time.

I note a similar looking issues in Feedback 32313, 29657 and 29328 but no indication as to whether this is being fixed or not.

Do other’s have this problem and is there a work-around?


OSX 10.9.4, Xojo 2014r2