Windows/Linux developers are again left behind

I really can imagine that Mac and IOS people are very satisfied with this release.

But for Windows/Linux developers this is a very sad story. It seems this category is only paying for bug fixes and support Mac/IOS.

If you have to pay for your license now, and you are on Windows/Linux, save your money because this update is not worth it unless you are affected by a bug which is fixed and hope they did not create another one in the process.

I hope I can convince our customers to pay for fixing the bugs I am responsible for.

Very disappointing Xojo inc. You have to do better than this. I am very sorry, but this time I cannot be positive about this release.

it might not be obvious but iOS is one step in the path to getting 64 bit done

I agree with Chris in the disappointment that Windows is not getting the attention it deserves. It hasn’t for years.

I don’t agree that this release isn’t POSITIVE - of course it is! It’s just not positive to Windows users, but not every release has to be positive for everyone. It’s the same silly assumption everyone has - that Xojo should be pleasing you with frills and goodies AFTER your purchase. If Xojo doesn’t give me what I want in a new version/release, I just delay my renewal and they don’t get my money. It’s good capitalism. It’s how Xojo earns their money. It’s not a moral failure or anything.

I say this many times - I still use REAL. It makes great apps. The Mac versions are Carbon but that still works well even in Yosemite. The Windows versions are probably EXACTLY THE SAME as the ones Xojo would create right now.

Next year I’ll be doing the Cocoa changeover. Then I’ll compile 3 times: REAL2011r3 for 10.4/5/PPC users, Xojo 2013r3.3 for 10.6, and the latest Xojo (maybe) for 10.7 and up, and Windows. But I’ll likely develop in REAL still. Not that the IDE is bad, but why change? I like the old IDE.

The idea being: “Old is good if it works.” Since Old REAL/Xojo works, the pressure is off (of me) that new releases have to solve some kind of problem. The pressure is ON XOJO CORP. to make something I’ll pay for. And I’ll pay the $300 or less for iOS if I hear the reports are good.