Windows Installer Options

I’m a Mac guy and I hate the marginal stuff that we all have to do around development.
I have always detested all the signing / notarizing / installer stuff, but it’s necessary evil.

I now have a customer with a solution that I need to build an installer for.
It consists two Windows GUI apps, and needs to wrap the EDB Postgress installer.

I have a product that I have been using to build my installers, but I sure don’t love it.
I’d rather use something created or endorsed by this community.

Any suggestions?

I’d also be open to sub-contracting the creation of the installer if that came along with the documentation for how to maintain it.


Take a look at InnoSetup. Xojo itself uses it for its Windows installers. See also this 3rd party IDE for InnoSetup: Inno Script Studio.


it looks very comprehensive and I know lots of people have used it successfully.
I guess I have such a backlog of coding to get through that I’m not excited about learning this.

Anyone want a sub-contracting opportunity? Ideally someone who knows InnoSetup or something else quite well and could get to this asap?

I use Actual Installer Pro for Windows No coding, quick and easy.


Take a look at Advanced Installer. I used it for many years and their baseline product is free. It may have what you need as that level.

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Will do. Thanks!