Windows IDE run is REALLY SLOWER than Mac

As I am working on both Windows and Mac versions of Check Writer, I can measure the very important difference in Run build time.

My 2011 iMac with Intel Core i5 at 2.5 Ghz has a geekBench single core of 2538.
My PC with Intel Core i7 at 4Ghz has a geekBench of 3972.

With the same source, the Mac builds in 13 seconds, and the PC takes 35 seconds !

What can explain such a wide gap ?

Maybe they use different compilation routines or some such? That could explain it, but yes, that’s a big difference. my i7 with 12 GB of RAM compiles my current project in about 22 seconds, not terrible I suppose.

I compile in 32 bit, so it is not LLVM, it is good old Xojo compiler.

ssd on both machines ?

No, and that could explain : SSD on Mac and HD on the PC.

If you need speed, SSD really makes sense.

SSD, probably the difference, or at least part of it.

I have a 2009 macbookpro, which has a single core geekbench of around 3500 (it is a code 2 duo processor)
I made with Xojo a database app, and I import a 40000 lines of 110 columns data file in it
it takes 18 minutes on my macbookpro.
then I tried it on a brand new macbookpro retina that hat a geekbench of 12500
it took … 12 minutes !
and I tried it on a macpro it took 9 minutes …
my macbookpro has a ssd…( the other two macs also)
today’s macs are only really faster if you use the multi core of their processors
here, I don’t use it, my sata interface is only 220Mb/sec max, so that is the limit for me.

just for the records, I optimized my import routine, and now that same files imports in 8 minutes on my 2009 macbookpro.

I will put an SSD on the PC and try again.

Well, it takes 1 mn and 8 seconds from click to display on a USB 3.00 SSD drive on the PC…

I will stay on the HD for now. Must be something else.

[quote=285297:@Jean-Yves Pochez]I made with Xojo a database app, and I import a 40000 lines of 110 columns data file in it
it takes 18 minutes on my macbookpro.[/quote]
Sorry to tell you, but the slowest component sits in front of the keyboard.

Simply filling in 40,000 lines of 110 columns into a database should not take 18 min.

Do you read it all in in one go with readAll, then split it up?
Do you use a transaction to put it all into the database?

There a lots of ways to speed things up.

it was line by line because it has to be splitted into different tables of the database, create records that does not exists, etc…
also creating rowids of foreign links, then associating all these rowids to make links that did not exist before…
some kind of work, not only read 40k lines …

Hi Michel and all,

Other actions take more time also on Windows? (create a new method in a module, duplicate method, etc.)

Currently, I am working on Windows (Dell with I7 last generation, SSD, 8 GB RAM, HiDPI screen) and the IDE is suffering very much (and me too) on projects with large modules.

Do you think the IDE is much better on Mac?

Yes, indeed, the Windows IDE is kind of sluggish as compared to the Mac one for the same functions. It could be dues to Windows itself, which I know for having developed several applications on both, is far from being as snappy as OS X.

Frankly I think the Mac IDE is much faster and more stable.

I have for principle to always finish an app on the platform it is destined to, so I generally do 90% of the work on Mac, and the last mile on Windows. But it really is a dread.

Thank you Michel. I bought a used Mac, approximately the same power my PC (but 16GB of RAM instead of 8), and actually it’s more comfortable. I use it for a few days and this is undeniable.