Windows Icon

Hey :slight_smile:

i’ve got some questions with xojo and the windows icons. Why are the icons on windows looking so bad? Xojo seems to fu up the png, and why dont use ico files? I tried to change the icon on 32bit with resourcehacker, but then the app dont start anymore. How can i get real sharp icons…?

And why does the 64bit version get no icon?

See this
Works fine in my projects.

Hm yes this is a workaroud, but not really cool i think :frowning:

It is extremely simple : Mac icons are 512x512 scaled down, Windows icons are 250x250 scaled down.

Thats not the problem i think, downscaling on mac works and on windows it fucks up the icon…so its a xojo thing. cause a reshackker icon is clear and nice on all sizes ^^ (like all other windows apps)

Personally, I don’t let Xojo do the downsizing. Most icons do not display well that way. I usually downsize in Photoshop with Bicubic sharper, and copy specific sizes.

These are the required sizes :

  • 256 x 256
  • 48 x 48
  • 32 x 32
  • 16 x 16

I also very frequently rework 16 and 32 to improve color contrast and clean lines.

Oh this is a good hint … i rezised them all by my self with the 8bit too and lanczos3 … looking so much better now :smiley:

The only thing is, the icon on the desktop is now with a white background but all pngs are transparent…lol how is this working?

I usually simply drag the png files over the corresponding boxes in the icon editor.

Yes did that too and in Xojo all the Pics are trasparent.

Sounds like a bug.

Well, I just tried in 2016R4.1 and all transparent png show normally. No white background.

Yes is ok, the windows desktop didnt refresh, after a restart the icon is correct :slight_smile:

But the 64bit thing is still bad…dunno why they dont get this.

From what I gathered through discussions, Xojo is working on implementing the manifest for 64 bits, which should enable choosing any ico document, as well as many other things. In particular making the app work better under Windows 10.

Hopefully the whole manifest will be accessible, like in all modern languages, unlike Windows 32 bits, which dates back two decades.

It is probably a rather complex endeavour.