Windows - huge files size

Yesterday I bought a new license for Windows Lite to be able to compile my app with the latest Xojo version.
To my surprise (and disappointment) the size is over 15 times bigger. Before it was about 20MB, now a whopping 270MB.
I see a lot of extra files - mostly big .dll files.

Can someone explain why this is the case? Are there files I can remove that will not have an effect on my app? I already notice removing the locations folder can be deleted.

Which ones?

If you’d say which files, one could make a better guess :wink:

My blind guess: Is a HTMLViewer involved?
Depending on the Renderer, a lot gets added… this is mentioned e.g. this Thread.

Also enormous files to support Text encodings.
And loads of files more if you compile for 64bit
And some due to a switch in the NET libraries Xojo uses.

There is a massive size difference in the shipping app size between 32bit in Xojo 2015, versus 64 bit in Xojo 2018/9/20

What were you on before?

Previously I used Xojo 2019R3

It’s staggering difference. I’m not happy with this at all. :frowning:
I am looking to go back to my previous license and ask a refund for the new license which I want use for Windows.

There are some related to HTMLViewer (Chrome etc…). But others too (one of which is 20MB).

EDIT: changing the HTMLViewer to Native, many .dll are gone - so that’s a good sign.

Still, way more .dll files like icudt65.dll (27mb), icion65.dll (3MB) and iciic65.dll (2MB).
Seems to be related to UNI code stuff. Any way that I can avoid those .dll?

All these files support .Net and the new Windows 10 framework.

Unless you need to run your app on very limited machines, the size of the executable is a concern of the past.

On a 1TB disk, 270MB is peanuts.

True. Still, I don’t like big file sizes. :slight_smile: