Windows htmlviewer renderer


i have set Edge as the default browser on windows but the native renderer for htmlviewer in Xojo always uses some old ie, does anybody know how to change this?
I know those regedit tweaks to use ie11 but not to use edge…


There is no Edge in the HTMLViewer.

Check the Webview2ControlMBS control in our MBS Xojo WinFrameworks Plugin.

See blog post: WebView2 for Xojo


I just downloaded the plugin for testing, compiled the app but got at start:
“Failed to load plugin MBS_WinFrameworks_WebView2_plugin”

i am using Xojo 2020_r12, I see that the dll is in the libs folder… WebView2 Runtime x64 is installed…

Thanks, Marco

You need to have IE11 installed (or perhaps Edge, these days) to get the latest renderer. But even then, it will work in IE7 mode by default. See the “Windows IE Version” section here:

For our plugin, you need to make sure you have Visual Studio 2019 runtime libraries and WebView2 components installed.

for WebView2 installer see:

for VS 2019 runtime see:

thanks, vc_redist wasn’t installed…


edge can now install extension from the chrome extension store, is there a chance to get them running in webview2?

Sorry, no idea.