Windows HiDPI good

Today I got my 28 " ASUS PB287Q 4K screen 3840 x 2160. Windows 10 liked it right away, and put it at the max resolution, but with 150% scale.

Now I can get the mixed joy of seeing the IDE kind of blurry, but no surprise, Retina owners have many a time described that.

Indeed fonts in HiDPI aware mode are much crisper, and very nice.

I was wondering what happened with 150%, which is neither 1x nor 2x, but I see Xojo scales down the 144 dpi image, which renders real well.

That encourages me to make the next version of Check Writer Windows HiDPI.

Good job :slight_smile:

I agree, I have WIndows 10 in a Parallels VM on my MBPr 15" and my little app looks nice in HiDPI (except for my StringShape rotations, which I’m working on replacing). I was impressed with how the app rendered with the 1x & 2x icons etc.

Congratulations Michel.

Why that one? Seems like a gaming monitor with the TN Panel instead of IPS.

Plus it is expensive to run (energy efficiency class C, which will cost you a fair bit in electricity each year).

I love you Markus. You have a way of ruining one’s lua. Yes, it is a gamer screen. That is the best bang for the buck I could find (€395.00). Just like my PC is a gamer one, because it is powerful and fast.

As for the “fair bit in electricity each year”, admitting the PC screen stayed on 8 hours a day for 365 days, that will run me the enormous sum of € 19.93.

I frankly don’t care what you say. I got my 4K screen to develop HiDPI apps and with the killer app, I will make plenty of dow to buy me more gamer screens :wink: Me happy camper :slight_smile: