Windows Functionality Suite

In a multiplatform project, I had since its beginning the idea to set some icons for Windows XP, others for the most recent WIndows version.

Some days ago I was fooling around in my boot disk and fall into the “Windows Functionality Suite” folder. Then I continued inside that folder until I found one folder (“System Information:Modules:”) holding an item named “OSVersionInformationWFS.rbbas”.

After some minutes I added it into … another project, implemet the needed code (easy) and here are three screen shots (the relevant parts):

Image 1: The toolbar on OS X

Image 2: The toolbar on Windows XP

Image 3: The toolbar on Windows 8.1

Nota: the Windows 8.1 screen shot is larger because the monitor have a 120 dpi resolution.

BTW: I just saw that the screen shot for WIndows XP is an older without the Print to paper icon ! sorry. But you got the message when you watch the Trash, Open, Save and Close icons…

Are you saying that there’s a bug here?

N o, I was trying to say I am happy to spent some minutes with WFS !

I can present the OS specific icons (watch them in the toolbar buttons) for OS X, Windows XP and (for me) Windows 8.1…

Ah, I’ll move this to General then.

I have to thank you Greg for a collateral idea: I will add a check on Cocoa to use Yosemite folders or not, depending on the OS X version.

This came to mind an hour or so after my previous answer (sometimes ideas have hard time to reach the councious part of minds… ;-:slight_smile: