Windows Declare Book updated to Version 4.5 - May 2023

The book ‘I Wish I Knew How To…Implement API Declares with Xojo on Windows’ has been updated to version 4.5. This is a free update to those who have purchased previous 4.x versions of this book. Here is a list of the updates:

New to Version 4.5 — May 2023

This version has a focus on the Windows Audio and Video API’s.

  • Added update for Windows 11 OS
  • Included more options on mciSendString rewrite function and Declare
  • Updated Example 16-1 with new mciSendString function – Record Sound
  • Updated Example 16-2 with new mciSendString function – Play Sound Files
  • Updated Example 16-3 with new mciSendString function – Extra Audio Data
  • Added dynamic audio volume control, Example 16-4
  • Updated Example 16-4 with new mciSendString function – Audio volume
  • Created Example 16-5 with mciSendString function – Left-Right volume
  • Created Example 16-6 with mciSendString function – Left-Right mute
  • Created Example 16-7 with mciSendString function – audio playback speed
  • Created a new chapter for videos with MCIString function – Chapter 34
  • Updated Example 34-1 to API2 controls
  • Updated Example 34-1 to updated mciSendString function declare for open, play, pause, resume, stop, and close commands
  • Updated Example 34-1 to API2 DesktopApplication. DesktopMenuBar, DesktopTextField, DesktopLabel, and DesktopWindow for videos.
  • Added Example 34-2 which changes movie screen size and position.
  • Added Example 34-3 for extra video data, including Frame Rate.
  • Added Example 34-4 to dynamically change the volume of a video during runtime.
  • Added Example 34-5 to dynamically change right-left volume of a video at runtime
  • Added Example 34-6 to mute left-right sound channels while playing a video.
  • Added Example 34-7 which changes video and audio playback speed.

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