Windows crashes


Since a few months, our app (Windows version only) is crashing unexpectedly. As we have more customers, the issues is occuring more frequently and we have more and more feedback about this issue.

Sometimes the app crash after few minutes of use and sometimes after a long time.

The main issue is that it’s hard to find the root cause of this and to create a case where this issue occurs everytime.

Also the reports from the mini dumps generated by Windows are showing different things but with a majority of crashes related to XojoGUIFramework64 and after we have some lines about d3d11 or winHttp, libcef. We saw a lot of heap from memory.

Here a some mini dumps generated by Windows.

Our software rely on URLConnection to make API calls to our API, request are generated by the control (through different classes) and response are sent back to the control that started the request to display the data.

The issue is more frequent when we click multiple times (rapidly) on controls in a window (switching from one page panel to an other for example). We also give the opportunity to preview document located in temporary folders (downloaded throuh the API) using native previewer or HTMLViewer. The more we stress the app, the more it crashes.

We tried different things, removing codes, upgrading the whole program to API 2.0 but the issue is still there and we are stuck in this situation with no hint on how to solve that.

If you have any idea on how we could debug that ? Is it coming from a part of our code that is an error or from something not managed by a dll?



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Are you saying that, a few months ago, there were no crashes and that the app was working as expected?

We had very few users that used the Windows version of the software, our Windows use base grew rapidly over last months.
The app maybe crashed few months back but we had no reports about that