Windows control vs Mac Appearance

Don’t ask why but I have a label on top of an imagewell. This what it looks like on Mac and Windows. Is there any reason for the imagewell frame being blocked out on the right?



Do you have “Transparent” enabled on the label?

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and is the label a child of the image control, check this by selecting the label and there should be a red border around the image control. If it’s not then it will not pick its background up from the image control.

This can happen if you place the label to the left of the image control then move it by altering its left position in the inspector or if the label is too big to “fit” inside the image control, it will have a parent set to the window, which will cause this problem even if you have transparent set to true.



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Thanks Julian that was it, it lost the parent :slight_smile: I didn’t notice as the Mac didn’t show it.