Windows Build Issue

I have an important plugin framework of classes im building for the community at and Xojo will absolutely not compile properly. Most complex projects, im still having to revert back to good old Real Studio 2012 to build because Xojo seems to malfunction for all of them. But these classes are for Xojo, which defeats the purpose. The Windows versions will run in the IDE, and will compile. But click to open them, they appear in the task manager for a moment and terminate. Mac OS X creates compilations with empty resource contents. Just try downloading the latest release of Xojo Developers Library for Mac… it will not work. Out of all my projects, something different always goes wrong during compilation uusing Xojo. Im definitely not new to the RS/Xojo community as many of you will recognize me (aka Simulanics at Im starting to miss RS. :-/ Have I missed something? Or are these issues happening across the board?

Nope, no problem compiling a 50.000 LOC project which was started several years ago and uses every plugin that is possible.

Can you debug your project okay?
Do you have build scripts you can remove temporarily?
Can you compile the Xojo examples?
What do you mean with “empty resource contents”?
Have you tried to simplify your projects to see where a possible culprit may be? I know this is especially annyoing and time consuming but this is the last resort for problems like this.

While I am not yet completely comfortable with the new IDE, I must say that the Xojo 2013 compiler has been rock solid on my Mac PBPro. Are all of the plugins you need in the plugins folder? Could there be any classes which were not transferred?

Can someone on a Windows platform confirm or deny? Ive always found working on MAC to yield fewer issues. The issue is happening on Windows platform only. These classes must compile on Windows, Mac, and Linux for developers. I think each class itself contains at least 50,000 lines of code… all 5 of them… each ‘helpers’ of the main class. These classes really ‘push’ the framework. When I can get a compilation to work on Windows, I generally get: Unhandled Exception in RBGUIFRAMEWORK.DLL 0xC0000005:Access Violation at 64c935a8C when trying to run a build. …or it simply shows the spinning wait cursor and terminates…

Mac builds are tars…if you extract the contents there is a “contents” folder inside the folder…inside contents is a resource folder which contains all the applications’ images files etc… they are all Empty after building succeeds. It is not an antivirus issue. (Windows and norton for example do not like building debugs of Web apps… they are thought to be a virus, so you must disable the web checking or include an exclusion for Xojo). Perhaps I will check in with norman or geoff…I have searched months for a solution to find none…

Debugs run PERFECT…