Windows Bash Shell runs Xojo Linux apps

It took a week, but I finally got Window 10 Insider Preview Build 14316 installed and I enabled the new Bash shell feature.

I then built a 64-bit Linux console app using Xojo and it ran under the Bash shell:

What a strange world!

Cool. Now we could use a list of libs Microsoft supports for this.

Strange. I have 14316 Pro 64, but when I type bash in Command Prompt to install it, it does not recognize it.

There’s a few hoops to jump to install it.

Check out the link in my original post. You have to enabled a “Windows Linux” option in Windows Features.

Thanks Paul. The page just said to type bash in Command Prompt. Now I have enabled Windows Linux, and when I typed bash it offered to install Ubuntu on Windows.

… and they said that hell would never freeze over. Ha!