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How do you publish windows apps on the Microsoft Store that was recently created with Xojo?

I wrote this document a while ago. Feel free to download it. Things may have changed over the years.

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i use Innosetup and MSIX Packaging Tool

Are these the only to steps required?
The first one, Innosetup, I’m familiar with.
(forgive my ignorance on the matter since I develop primarily for Mac; yet I’d like to put on the Microsoft Store a few freeware applications).

at innosetup each app need a guid.
you need to have a developer profile here
possible that you need a Privacy Policy, a link to your document at your web space.
MSIX Packaging Tool you get free from ms store app.
in this tool you copy data from ms partner dashboard / product identity,
and also select this created inno setup file.
if you choose “not sign” ms sign this app for you in a few days.

Thank you very much, Markus, for the tips.

  1. The innosetup-guid is explained in the Xojo docs, so I think I’ll be OK.
  2. https://partner…: you refer to “Join the Microsoft Partner Network”, dont you?
  3. Privacy Policy: Yes, I have such doc on my web space. I guess I’ll be asked when joining the MPN.

at least my apps appear in a ms partner dashboard.
i joined long ago and all was called different.
there are so much options today: