Windows Application Menu

I am trying to make an application menu for Windows. I created a separate Global Floating window specifically for the menu, made it about 20 pixels high and the width of the screen (positioned so that the title bar is too high, and hidden). This works, however, the window dims when it is not the frontmost window. I would like the menus not to be dimmed when it is not the active window.

Any ideas?

Is there a snapshot of an app that you can post that behaves like what you have in mind ?
That might help folks understand what you’re trying to achieve.

Menus on windows are typically attached directly to the windows themselves… unless you turn on MDI in the Windows build settings.

Yes, MDI was what I was looking for. I was trying to mimic a Mac on the PC.

While the translation from Mac to PC is not perfect, I can make some minor adjustments to get both looking good.

Is there a way to get PC read-only fields to not be colored beige? On the Mac, they blend in nicely with the white background - on the PC, the borders make the window look sloppy.

Also, any way to make the PC application window open full screen?

In the Open event handler of the window,

You can maximize the window with this code:


Or this will make it full screen, hiding things like the title bar and task bar:

Self.FullScreen = True

You can use a label instead of a read-only textfield.