Windows app with CC very slow

Hi, some years ago I wrote a windows app with RS2012 that use some container control. Now my customer need some enhancement and I compiled the app with xojo 2016 R4.1. It work but the portion of the app that use the control containers is very slow. You must imagine twenty CC from left that come on from left to right like a led strip. In RS2012 all the CC switch on at the same time.
So I tried to compile with 2019R3 for test. Even slower!!!
Have you some advice to resolve this problem?
Best regards

a slow down i experienced if the controls using transparent option, it cause enormous paint events.
i saw it if me enabled Project/Profile Code, then Run/Stop.

The controls does not use the trasparent option!

If there are things that could be improved, we can’t help you without seeing what the code currently does. :frowning:
Do you have an example project that shows the behavior?

All the controls in real studio were transparent by default, are you sure that you turn off transparency on all of your controls?

Are threads running or timers firing when you see this slow draw?

I disabled transparent in all control!

I send a little piece fo code where I put the CC in pagepanel:

[code] for i = 1 to num_inq

			if tag_inq(i).qual2 = true then
					j = j+1
					Y = j*35
					X = 85
					Etic_Campo_Mis.append (New Box_Valore_Qual2)
					Etic_Campo_Mis(j).EmbedWithin (Main.GrBoxQual2_1,x,y)
					Etic_Campo_Mis(j).Rectangle1.fillcolor =&cC0C0C0
					Etic_Campo_Mis(j).StaticText1.text = cstr(tag_inq(i).range_min) + "-" + cstr(tag_inq(i).range_max1)
			end if

where Box_Valore_Qual2 is a CC