Windows app Freezing

I have an app that freezes on Windows after 3 or 4 hours of continuous use. When this happens the entire computer freezes and needs a hard reboot. I suspect a memory leak but if so, it’s pretty subtle.

I seem to recall that someone had come up with a class to track app objects and their memory usage. Anyone recall what that class is and how to get to it?

slow memory leaks are the hardest to track down no matter where they are. I spent days trying to track a slow memory leak down on the Storage SAN. I have less hair now.

Good luck and let us know how you make out.

Keep it running in debug with the profiler on?

So now I’m NOT suspecting a memory leak. The computer froze not long after I checked how much memory the app was using and it was around 2 MB of RAM so not an awful lot being used. GPU usage is fairly high but I’m playing a ton of videos on a big monitor so that’s not too concerning.

It is concerning that Windows is freezing and needs a hard reboot to getting it working again. Kind of grasping at straws on what’s going on.

Change peripherals
CPU temp?
GPU temp?
Re-seat the ram
Swap out the PSU

Update video drivers. Or swap out graphics card. And check temps as Julian says.

Can you replicate the problem on more than one machine?

While it cannot be ruled out up front, a CPU temp issue would usually simply shut down the computer. I suspect a driver issue or a graphics card issue more than a CPU or memory issue. Both would result in a shut down or BSOD, which does not seem to be the case here.

Not yet. 48 more versions of the kiosk are being built. :slight_smile:

Awesome. Thanks!

Followup on the app freeze. We ended up doing a chkdsk in Windows 10 and after about 30 minutes it came back and it’s worked perfect ever since. Go figure.

#windows some stuff is strange…
Glad you found it and shared it.