Windows API Declares book updated

I Wish I Knew How To…Implement #windowsapi Declares with #Xojo book updated to Version 3.3 (August 2019) with new examples and more updates in this >1,050 page book. This is a free update to those who have purchased previous versions 3.x of the book and can be bought at

New to Version 3.3 — July 2019

-Added NetUserGetLocalGroups for getting user local privileges (Example 31-1)
-Added NetUserGetGroups example for getting user global privileges (Example 31-2)
-Added LOCALGROUPUSERSINFO_0 structure (Example 31-1)
-Added GROUPUSERSINFO_0 structure (Example 31-2)
-Get a MemoryBlock from a pointer snippet (Example 24-12)
-Added WSAStartup, GetHostName, WSACleanup in Example 30-3.
-Added GetHostByName function with HOSTENT structure for 32-bit and 64-bit versions in Example 30-2. This is an ANSI function that does not exist with -Unicode.
-Added GetAddrInfo function for ANSI, Unicode, 32-bit, and 64-bit compatibility with the following structures, constants, and functions in Example 30-3 for multiple numerical IP addresses from a string http address:
-Socket function
-Address family type constants (Appendix CJ)
-Socket Type constants (Appendix CK)
-Socket Protocol constants (Appendix CL)
-Address Info flag constants (Appendix CM)
-Socket Type constants (Appendix CN)
-Socket error codes (Appendix CO)
-WSAGetErrorCodes method
-GetAddrInfoW, GetAddrInfoA functions
-WSAErrorCodes Xojo method
-Three variations (union overloading) of inaddr1, inaddr2, and in_addr3
-Added get MemoryBlock from pointer in example 24-12
-Added GetAdaptersAddresses to retrieve addresses and data from adapters in Example 30-4 and include other data:
-GetAdapterAddresses function
-Get Adapter Address Flags (Appendix CP)
-IPADAPTERADDRESSES_LH Structures for 32-bit and 64-bit applications
-IPADAPTERUNICASTADDRESSLH structures for 32-bit and 64-bit applications
-IPADAPTERANYCASTADDRESSXP structures for 32-bit and 64-bit apps
-SOCKET_ADDRESS structures for 32-bit and 64-bit apps
-Added IP Adapter Flags (Appendix CQ)
-Updated Appendix A with C++ to Xojo Data Type conversions

Thanks to Julian for his help with a few of these…