Windows API Declares Book 4.4 Updated

The book ‘I Wish I Knew How To…Implement API Declares with Xojo on Windows’ has been updated to version 4.4. This is a free update to those who have purchased previous 4.x versions of this book. Here is a list of the updates:

New to Version 4.4 — February 2022

  • Updated clipboard constant CFDIBVS to CFDIBV5
  • Added CF_HTML Clipboard Format Type
  • Added CF_RICHTEXT Clipboard Format Type
  • Added GetClipboardformat to retrieve clipboard data (Example 29-3)
  • Added EmptyClipboard example (Example 29-4)
  • Added Generic Cut, Copy, and Paste (Example 29-5)
  • Added Load a BMP picture file to the clipboard (Example 29-6)
  • View clipboard picture data (Example 29-7)
  • Added tagBITMAPINFOHEADER structure
  • Added CF_DIB picture from clipboard to display (Example 29-8)
  • Added CountClipboardFormats Structure
  • Added EnumClipboardFormats Structure
  • Added GetClipboardFormatName for both ANSI and Unicode
  • Added the ability to retrieve clipboard formats (Example 29-9)

This is a start of many declares for the clipboard and there is much more content that can be created.

The books can be purchased at my website: Books, or at


This get’s me frustrated (not any any person) every time as I have bought so many books from xdev and every time there is an update I never get notice and when I contact (he is always helpful) I’m told there is no record of my purchase

Hard to keep updated

Thank you for letting me know about this issue Brian.

I have contacted Marc to see if he can figure out the issue.

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I got the update, thank you :grin:

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I wish I knew … how to get the same book for macos !!!


who uses macos? :grin:
Great feature request for next “I wish I knew” book :grin:

For some reason he never took my book suggestion:

“I wish I knew how to get rich quick using Xojo” :wink:

  • Karen

I like that title :grin:

I REALLY like your book topic Karen :slight_smile:

Once I make my first million, then I’ll share the recipe with everyone. Until then, I will keep trying :wink:


and then you will go to the second million !:grinning: