Windows About Box

Are there any ideas or patterns for the Windows About Box?

I read the XDev article (2013, issue 11.6) for the Mac by Sam Rowlands.

Some questions for comparable Windows

  1. Change the type of the newly-created menu item to be an “AppleMenuItem”
    Do I have one similar for windows? Changed to ApplicationMenuItem

  2. Copyright? I have no idea how to get one,

  3. License? My app would be free so GNU?

For question 2: (USA based, your country may have different laws)
You do not need to register a copyright, it is “automatically” yours. You can do so, however, if you want, by applying to the US Copyright Office at

What you do need to do is have a notation in human-readable form readily visible in your app, usually in the About box. It should be in the following format:
The word ‘Copyright’, followed by the copyright symbol, the year or years, your name or the company name.

Copyright © 2020 All Rights Reserved

There are variations that are valid but this form covers most cases.

Also, be sure to show copyrights and credit for any third-party code or plug-ins you include unless their owners have indicated that it is not necessary. You can usually do this simply by saying “Portions of this product are owned by or licensed from:” and listing the owners. Here’s one I use:

Screen Shot 09-02-20 at 10.38 AM 001

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