WIndows 8 Tiles

Does anyone know if it is possible to somehow include images in a compiled Xojo app, which are used when a user adds a shortcut to my app to their WIndows 8 Metro start screen?

In other words, somehow include WIndows 8 tiles in the compiled app.

Thank you all in advance.

There shouldn’t be an issue, it just takes the icons already in the app and centers them on a tile.

It does, but they look terrible.
Was wondering if it was possible to create a professional looking tile / icon somehow and embed it in my compiled Xojo app.


These are the sizes you are supposed to include, but I don’t think you can do it with Xojo,

Glancing at the docs, it appears you’d need to edit your built EXE’s manifest. The manifest is an XML file embedded in the EXE. Xojo doesn’t have a way to edit these, but there are third party tools that can. Any old PE editor should be able to, I recommend PE Explorer ($) or Resource Hacker (free.)

Editing a manifest is a bit beyond me ???
I have resource hacker for windows but have no idea what I need to add / edit ??? :slight_smile:

I’ve never added tile info, but the manifest is listed under the 24 node in Resource Hacker.

It must be possible somehow, as Xojo has a large green tile when I add it to the Metro start screen.

Just testing current installer in Windows 8.1
It adds a ‘desktop icon’ to older windows, but the app only shows up in ‘apps’ after installation.

Thats OK, but it woudl be nice to add a tile option.
Anyone know how thats done using Inno?