Windows 8.1 Problem

I’ve just installed Xojo 2013r4.1 on a new PC running Windows 8.1 Pro OS

I can compile and Run my Application without any errors. However, within a few seconds after Building the Application, I get a Blue Screen and an error called “Kerner_Security_Check_Failure”. I can consistently reproduce the error every time.

The Xojo 2013r4.1 runs the applicvation and Builds it just fine on my older PC running Windows 7 Pro.

Ron Bower

Ron - what happens if you start the Xojo IDE as administrator (Run As Administrator)?

Windows 8.1 did some very strange stuff to my system’s ACLs and folder ownership with a recent (within 2 months) so called security update. Running the IDE as administrator sorted them.

Good thought, Tim, but the results are the same - I still get the Blue Screen and the error followed by automatic shutdown.

The next thing that I’d try is to download one of the earlier versions (13r3.3 should be fine) and try that. Also, are you using any plugins?

Xojo 2013r3.3 does the same thing. The only plug-in I’m using is for Office Automation.

in that case, it’s definitely something specific to your Windows system. I’ve got Xojo running on five 8.1 systems (2 real, 2 VMs, and 1 Surface Pro) with no Xojo-related issues (see my Windows post about Imported Foreign Dynamic volumes).

Is this an OEM Windows install (i.e.: Dell, HP, Lenovo, etc.), or a full Microsoft install?

Luckily it is a relatively new PC so I just restored from Factory Presets and have been rebuilding the system

Ron Bower

Hmmm, has that improved things? I’ve seen a lot of the “Vendor Extras” cause issues in a lot of cases from OEM apps being added by the seller. Any option to restore Windows ONLY?