Windows 7 ==> Windows 10

I converted a Windows 7 VM to Windows 10 on my MBP laptop, and within just one hour I had everything up and running again and all applications tested. I was forced to update some in order to keep in line with Windows 10, and had to accept that one old program would never work again.
But, unfortunately, I have to stay with Windows 7 because screenpainting in Window 10 on a 1400x900 MBP is nearly impossible since the IDE is not DPI aware. So I am extremely looking forward to the next release, which was promised to be supporting HDPI.
I don’t want to ask, since I know what the answer to my question will be: “it’s ready when it’s ready”.

Windows 10 generally handles non HiDPI aware apps quite well - just make sure your scaling is set properly (usually 100% for a normal screen, 200% for a retina screen, and some 4K screens seem to like 150%).

But perhaps I’m not understanding…