Windows 7 Problem Steps Recorder

So…during my day job the company I work for is working with Microsoft to scramble and get applications working with Windows 7 64Bit. One of the tools they showed us is “Problem Steps Recorder” built into Windows 7. This little known gem will let you take screen shots of your application without doing anything.
You just do Start-Run type in PSR and hit enter.
Press the ‘Start Record’ button and start installing an application for example. When you are done click the Stop button and save it.
Now you will get a zip file. Open it and open the mht file in there. You now have step by step screen shots of the application you just installed or ran. You can also use this for your Windows applications to track problems. Here is a link to the blog post on msdn.
Oh yeah in Windows 7 when you get a dialog box you can hit ctrl-c (even when no text is highlighted) and then you can paste it and all the text for the dialog box goes in the text field.

I’ve used it many times, great little tool to quickly show a problem. I used Windows 7 for about 2 years before discovering it.