Windows 7 Build hangs after 76 of 76 modules?

I’m trying to track down a problem under Windows 7 Pro and I created a fresh WIndows 7 VM with all updates (64bit, 6GB, 2 cores), installed 2015r2.2 and the MBS plugins. However, every time I try to build the project, the compiler gets to the FileTypes module and hangs. No errors, it just hangs. When I check the task manager, nothing odd is shown in the way of memory, CPU, or DIsk I/O.

Has anyone run into a situation where built projects run on 7 32, WIndows server 2008 and 2012, and Windows 8.1 32 and 64 bit, but refuses to run on Windows 7 64bit?

Actually, I just noticed 2 cmd.exe tasks and an xcopy.exe task that seem to belong to the parent Xojo process.

does the project have post build or copy files steps ?

Yes - Copies a single file from a folder on the same level as the project into a Tools folder that is created at the same level as the binary app.

remove that and see what happens

sounds like the copy step is hanging for some reason

That solved the build hang issue. On the other hand, the build resulted in a large number of empty “Build Failed…” dialogs appearing (25+, couldn’t count), but the app ran fine after I manually copied the needed file into the folder after the build.

without knowing whats being copied and where to its hard to diagnose the issue

if you save the project as vcp and file a report with the copy file step fro the vcp I may be able to figure out whats wrong

I revisited this today and even deleting the Windows build steps, saving the project, quitting Xojo, restarting and loading the project and re-adding them fresh results in the same hang in a build. I again remove the CopyFilesStep and the build completes.

This also happens on Windows 10 with a different project. As above, remove the CopyFilesStep and the build completes.

I haven’t seen the multitude of misleading build failed windows again.