Windows 11

That’s scary as some do not understand what a Beta means

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I have all kinds of users, some get images of anything new floating around on the internet and start using fearlessly, just to show the novelty around, some even call “network” as “internet”. If you say “network”, they don’t understand, you must question things as they are toddlers.


I made a new install.


To be fair, I was surprised by that leaked beta. It seems quite complete.

That said, I would not dare installing it for production. I will wait for the official upgrade.

In the meantime, I just wanted to make sure my popular apps ran correctly under Windows 11. I don’t want any bad surprise when the time comes.

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Most of us, devs, are doing it. You are doing the usual as a dev. That’s not the case of our users. :wink:


Yes indeed, the setting was there. There was a second setting to activate the device and additional settings to determine the security behavior.

Somehow, I managed to brick my computer (I am currently using my alternate work laptop). I do have a full system backup of my desktop - not 100% idiot, just mostly. But I will fiddle a bit more wit the BIOS. I really want to figure out where I went wrong. First time in 25 years of tweaking computers… :unamused: I know that the disks are OK, it is just BIOS settings. Worst case scenario, I will reload default BIOS settings, reinstall Windows from scratch and then recover the backup. Or skip the reinstall, the disk image may be sufficient. Hopefully that should do it.

Just a thought: If I could mess this up, then many others will also. This Windows 11 update will be messy!

So you installed the leaked Windows as an upgrade on your machine ? Ouch.

Better do that in some VM.

no! I just made BIOS adjustments to support TPM and pass the Win 11 pre-requisites test. Like I said, not 100% idiot! Doing the adjustments, my boot disk stopped being seen as a boot disk. That’s all. It is an easy fix to return the BIOS to default and recover the backup. I want to do it the harder way and find what change I made that caused this.

I think that Win11 will “secure encode” your HD (Bitlocker). It does it using the TPM. If you mess with it, and the keys are erased by any chance, your HD content is gone. It can only be read in such machine, using such TPM “autorization” (key).

I just found out my 3 year old Microsoft Surface Book 2 cannot be used with Windows 11.
Well, that’s discouraging. :slight_smile:

I installed W11 into a VirtualBox VM with their default settings. Perhaps the compatibility test is too tight.

Microsoft has temporarily withdrawn the test tool.

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One of my lab computers is on the beta program. It cannot install the W11 beta because: it does not support TPM 2.0 and it does not support secure boot. This is an older computer that runs and is updated since 2011. I will have to change computers to receive further betas… Perhaps if I will make an image of the main HDD and set it up as a VM on new hardware.

As for the desktop that I bricked, I don’t think it was my doing so much. Even after applying defaults, the computer acts abnormally (it takes 5 minutes to get the bios splash screen on restart!). Something was updated incorrectly when I changed the TPM settings. Today if time allows, I will hard reset the bios (remove the battery and short the pins) and see if that fixes the bios.

Maybe related? Secure boot | Microsoft Docs

Figures. Even my Surface Book 2 with i7 cannot be updated to Windows 11
This device is 3 years ‘old’. I guess not that many PCs can be upgraded.
I am not going to buy a new PC laptop just to test if my apps still work.

What about trying to install in a VM ? That would be a lot safer.

Those have 8th gen cpus, it is compatible with windows 11

You really need to read about TPM before making those statements, it is NOT (allways) a chip and VM can have Virtual TPMs

Why exactly do you think VMs can’t have Virtual TPMs if they have Virtual processors, Virtual RAM, Virtual hard drives, Virtual Video Cards, etc?

It’s the little things… :wink:

Windows has been neglected for ages. It’s time for Xojo to support many of the feature in Windows 10 so we can make modern looking and functioning apps.